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thumb furniture rowac steel cabinet and stools

Manufacturer: ROWAC (Robert Wagner Chemnitz)

Year: 1920s

Measurements: stools: 35 x 46/51; cabinet: 50x 50 x 100 cm

Description: ROWAC Industrial Furniture / Robert Wagner Chemnitz / Germany / founded 1888 ROWAC made seating and factory equipment mainly out of steel, and delivered it all over Europe. The manufacturer’s main aims were to provide robust quality (indeed, Robert Wagner sold his furniture with a lifetime guarantee) and to make healthy seating. The stool design was one of his most famous and most successful products. In fact his uncompromisingly simple designs and their outstanding quality appealed to Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus. And in the 1920s Gropius furnished the Bauhaus workshops with ROWAC products. From 1920 to 1947 all metal goods were produced with the original ROWAC-Symbol. ROWAC industrial furniture is seen now as historically valuable and symbolizes the beginning of the Industrial Age, such as no other piece of furniture at the end of the 19th Century.

Edition: 1 of 1 (three round stools, one cabinet)


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