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Original Photo Edition “BAUHAUS FOTOGRAFIE 2” (with photographs from 1922 to 1933)

Editor: Hans-Peter Schulz, Galerie am Sachsenplatz, Leipzig, Germany (1990)

Re-print from original negative/positive on ORWO photographic paper BN 112

Signed by the artists

Availability: 1

Limited edition #7 of 40

Photography was initially not part of the Bauhaus School in its beginnings in 1919, when the focus lay on craftsmanship, architecture and design.
It was introduced as a subject at the school through the Bauhaus teacher Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946) in 1923 only. He was the formative instructor and the one who established modern photography at the influential Bauhaus School. Moholy-Nagy was a painter and filmmaker by profession, but he also saw the technical possibilities that only photography could give to the artist.
With the background he acquired as an abstract painter, he was able to raise the perceptional possibilities of the photographic lens in, until then, unknown heights.
He encouraged his students to find their own artistic expression through the experimentation with distorted perspectives, detail shots, double and negative exposure and more, which is exemplarily depicted in this rare collection.
Moholy-Nagy helped photography in the decisive years from 1923 onwards to emerge as a self-contained form of art alongside the long established art form of painting. He saw the connection between the subjective powers of the photographer and the new technical communicative possibilities, and was the first to transfer these new visual options to mundane realms like advertisement, film, or commercial photographic montage.
As design often is described as the connection between form and function, photography became the linking element between the technical training, craftsmanship and artistic education at the Bauhaus School.
The exhibited rare portfolio “Bauhaus Fotografie 2” gives a vivid overview over the dimension and values of Bauhaus photography through a number of unique photographs by Bauhaus artists and students of Moholy-Nagy.
Highlights of the collection are:
Marianne Brandt - one of the most famous product designers and director of the metal workshop at the Bauhaus; close disciple of Moholy-Nagy
Edmund Collein – student of the sculpture class, his double exposure pictures count among the most experimental and original that has been created in the Bauhaus School
Xanty Schawinsky–one of the most famous experimental photographers and influential photographic artists of the 20th century.
Franz Ehrlich, Irena Blühova, Joost Schmidt, Lotte Gerson-Collein, Gyula Pap, Ladislav Foltyn.
This collection of photographs was published in 1990 in Leipzig, Germany in an edition of forty copies, of whom this is number 7. The historical value of this volume cannot be overestimated, as it is not available any more on the market. The exhibited portfolio is the last free and sellable copy, while all others are in possession of private collectors worldwide.

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