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Artist: Ritchi Riediger

Title: OSZO (tm) 1 - Golden Horseman

Year: 2007

Measurements: 320 x 220 x 80 cm (Original size, without stand); the model depicted here and available in our gallery has the measurements 20 x 16 x 8 cm

Description: Illuminated pigmented borosilicate glass panes with the illusion of a horse (based on the original horse sculpture of the horse of King Augustus the Strong from Saxony, 1756)

Edition: 10 of 10

Remarks: OSZO (tm) 1 - Golden Horseman 

The above-depicted stele with the horse sculpture is entitled “Golden Horseman" (Der Goldene Reiter). The sculpture is actually the smaller version of a larger-than-life size sculpture, to be placed on a concrete socket, which is planned to be erected in the UAE (6m x 2,20m x 0,80m, ca. 20 tons). We gave an exclusive presentation of the project at Design Days Dubai 2013 on our booth G20. The specific technique of illumination and glass preparation makes the horse at once a real three-dimensional object, and at the same time virtual and volatile. It represents the duality of surface and reality, a dichotomy, which we are living through in our daily lives. The object from glass and steel makes a very special lighting object and unique piece of decorative art. The sculpture that is shown in Dubai is the second last of an edition of 20, which is still available on the market.


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