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thumb aperture lamp closed 72dpi

The Aperture Lamp

Designer: Stef van der Bijl, in cooperation with Joram Barbiers

Year: 2012

Measurements: height 210 cm, diameter 150 cm

The Aperture Lamp is the most impressive luxury lamp ever designed, handmade from beautiful materials like polished stainless steal, brass and Swarovski crystals; despite this, it still has a modesty concept: Inside the lamp an aperture, inspired by vintage photo camera’s, shows when closed a beautiful composition of brass plates which fits perfectly into each other and creates a narrow beam of light, but when opened it exposes her true beauty: 40.000 Swarovski crystals that reflects the newest technology of Led lightning, while the light beam turns into a wide anglebeam.
The Aperture Lamp is the latest design of Stef van der Bijl and has been manufactured by Barbiers Originals.
The Aperture Lamp will be handmade in a limited edition of 10 pieces, each lamp will be numbered and get’s it’s own certificate of ownership. The lamp can be tailor made in several sizes, colours and materials and will be available as ceiling, wall or floor lamp.
The idea for an aperture lamp started by working a lot with antique Surgery Lights, Stef van der Bijl redesigns these into light object for the living room.
Each surgery light has a mechanism to adjust the beam of light. In the surgery lights, this goes by adjusting the light source from it’s reflecting object.
Usually this is the outer shell of the surgery lamp. If you look at an aperture of a camera, it adjusts the amount of light caught on the film. This same principle has
been used in the aperture lamp. The light source, one of the newest generation of LED lighting, is hidden in the ring, so you don’t actually see the source of light.
The light gets reflected by the 40.000 Swarovski crystals, and because of the shape of the crystal, the light gets reflected into various directions, which gives the special effect of the crystal. In order to focus all these tiny light beams, the aperture can be closed or opened, releasing a wide-angle beam or a narrow light beam.
After we found out the working of the light, we found a company who produces oil vessels from stainless steel. One vessel we used for the back of the lamp, with the other side of the vessel we pressed the round shape back and made a hole in it, so you actually get a donut shape, this was necessary to cover the aperture, since 1/3 of the aperture is actually hidden in the rim of the lamp.
The tripod of the aperture lamp comes from an old drawing table, from the 1950s. These tripods are made with a powerful oil pressure mechanism that can easily lift the weight of the heavy aperture and it’s stainless steel case. Normally these tripods are finished of with industrial coat on cast iron. We painted the tripod in
high gloss car paint finish.

Edition: 2 of 10

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