Vanderbijl Design

Vanderbijl Design, in cooperation with Joram Barbiers from Barbiers Originals is a design company from the Netherlands. Timeless luxury with a raw edge. VanderBijl design & interior prides itself on making timeless pieces inspired by nature and the industrial revolution.

Redesign the existing instead of producing the new. A new design doesn’t necessarily need a new shape. It can be inspired by existing shapes or objects in a new context. Original antique objects are constantly being integrated into vanderBijl designs, which make them even more unique and exclusive. In every piece, handcrafted by vanderBijl, you will find a great passion for old and glorious times together with natural processes like rust and wood. The combination of these characteristics result in a inspiring contrast.

By working strictly with professionals and specialists worldwide, vanderBijl design & interior realizes divergent designs and interiors. DJ booths, cars, boats, lamps, couches, tables and bars. His portfolio is unlimited.


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thumb aperture lamp closed 72dpi

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