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2 June 2014 - The Isfahan Collection

When: opening 2. June 2014, from 7pm, show until 19.June (finissage)

What: Shirin Ehya - contemporary design furniture from Iran

Where: J+A Gallery, Al Quoz Ind.1, Dubai, UAE

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Save the date:
Solo show of Shirin Ehya's limited edition design furniture collection!
Shirin Ehya is back in town and will join us at the opening of her show “The Isfahan Collection” at J+A Gallery
Dubai. For the first time, we will showcase the complete collection of her design pieces made in Iran in a
solo show in Dubai.
Shirin Ehya designed her first collection of limited edition furniture, titled “Isfahan Collection” for the world premiere at Design Days Dubai this
We successfully launched her brand during the fair and will now show all her pieces in one spectacular setup.
With her background of an Iranian origin and American education, she created a series of locally manufactured design objects that are influenced
by modernist ideas of shape and regional traditional handicraft in their decorative elements. Shirin Ehya is the rising star of design, with her
stunning furniture objects in which the dialogue of eastern and western aesthetic materializes.


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