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Ayka design by K.Michelle Evans

AYKA design is the brainchild of K.Michelle Evans, award winning interior
designer who recently won the highly prestigious Best Interior Designer of
2013 in the Commercial Interior Design Awards held in Dubai.
Michelle studied interior design in the UK and obtained a BA honours
degree in 3D design. She has worked over the last twenty years for some
of the great interior design companies including Remedios Siembieda in
Los Angeles and Hirsch Bedner Associate in Dubai. Michelle’s point of
difference is her ability to design with an eye of an artist. The rug is seen
not just as a piece of floor covering but as a piece of art to be loved and cherished.

Based in Dubai and London, Michelle launched her first private
collection of hand knotted rugs January 2014 at Domotex, Germany. The collection
features four stories; City Landscapes®, Celebration®, Floral® and
Textures®. As part of this event Michelle, has already had one of her
rugs chosen for the prestigious Innovations@DOMOTEX program. The rug
design selected by the judges will be unveiled at the event.

The successful Middle East premiere has been during Design Days Dubai at the booth of J+A Gallery
As a designer, Michelle’s approach behind the design of each individual
rug is its story. It inspires her to be bold and not to be afraid of current
trends. This strength creates the soul in each rug which is far beyond one
single element of the designer’s journey. The design is interpreted from a
different perspective, as it is not just a rug, it is art itself.
The rugs journeys starts from an inspiration to paper to colour to the
loom and finally, to the many hands that will patiently create it slowly and
meticulously over the ensuing months. All designs are bespoke and hand
knotted to order in either 100% silk or silk and wool. Each rug is available
in a choice of sizes and colour-ways.

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