Heike Buelau (Milan/NYC), Photographer

Born 1971, Heike Buelau grew up in Bremen, Germany, where she was trained as a classical singer from an early age. After starting her career in Europe, she moved to New York City in the mid 90’s, hoping to expand her professional ambitions beyond the fairly restrictive confines of classical music. However, while performing Opera, she found herself more and more frequently drawn to photography, as a welcome outlet for her vision. Today, she lives and works in NYC, where her artistic interests lie predominantly in the endless opportunities available within the most ordinary subject matter, deconstructed, created afresh, transformed at every moment by the simple magic of light. The camera as paintbrush, endlessly pursuing the possibility of creating new realities. Her response to a visually over-saturated world that leaves little room for individual imagination is the somewhat minimalist approach to her subject matter, and the driving force in her work is a profound belief in the transformative power of abstraction and its potential to liberate the mind.

Shortly after dedicating the majority of her time to photography Heike Buelau was a recipient of the prestigious International Photography Award’s honour awards for her series “My Song in Colour” and “My Song in B&W”.

Heike Buelau launched her first line of original industrial themed Wallpapers at Design Days Dubai 2013,
the Middle East and Asia's largest Design Fair.

She is represented by J+A Gallery.

Buelau recently developed a line with fashion accessories like scarfs and draperies.

All of the designs are developed with Buelau's original industrial photographs and are produced exclusively in Italy. Her partner on the Italian team, whom she calls irreplaceable, Architect Mauro Mattaini, works closely with her on the realization of each design. All contacts for purchase along with other news will be communicated on the webpage: www.hbindustrialdesigns.com.


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