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Equilibrium - the luxury class audio system

Designer: Dr. Arne Färber

Year: 2013

Description:Equilibrium is an outstanding audio system which distinguishes itself by providing uncompromising
sound quality and the use of unique materials used nowhere else in the world of audio. Our spherical horns are
made of marble or granite. After shaping the horns on a CNC-machine from a massive block of quarried stone,
the final surface finish is carefully ground and polished by hand. Equilibrium is a true masterpiece where
"Made in Germany" means engineering precision and devotion to details.
As this system is completely custom made, our customers can choose from a variety of natural stone materials
and colors to provide a unique design harmonizing with and enhancing their living environment. The precision
craftsmanship compliments the natural texture and beauty of stone resulting in the exclusive character of these
loudspeakers – unique objects d’art.
Most worldwide available stone types of a hardness between marble and granite can be crafted... Download the full brochure here!

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