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Dr. Arne Faerber

Färber Acoustics – the German company for luxury audiosystems. This challenging concept reproduces authentic "Live" atmosphere
even in very large rooms. The impressive design, exclusive natural stone and outstanding sound reproduction sets Equilibrium the benchmark for luxury-class in the world of audio systems.

The use of unique materials for the spherical Horns used nowhere else in the world of audio. As this system is completely custom made, our customers can choose from a variety of natural stone materials and colors to provide a unique design harmonizing with and enhancing their living environment.

Dr. Arne M. Färber created the Equilibrium speakers from 2007 to 2012.
Before that time he was lecturer and senior scientist at the University of Stuttgart in the field of civil and environmental sciences.
Before that he worked for an international company in process engineering. Based upon his education and working expertise he covers the fields of civil,
environmental, mechanical, process and acoustical engineering.
In 2007 he terminated his occupational career and fully dedicated his creativity to his old dream of the ideal loudspeaker.

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