The design association apoldakollektiv was founded by the artist and engineer T. Laubinger in 1999 in Apolda/ Germany. Following the model of the Bauhaus school he created a design association with different disciplines like painting, welding, carpentry, architecture, as well as textile, product and graphic design. The focal point of their work lies at the concept of upcycling.
Upcycling describes a process where from seemingly useless trash products through a creative process and good craftsmanship new and high-value items emerge.
The focus lies on the refurbishment and reactivation of old pieces into something new – a product that has enhanced usability, quality, aesthetic, individuality, and a higher value. Furthermore, the upcycling of products reflects two very important trends of our times - “ecological sustainability” and the “desire for individuality”.
To re-use “old” industrial design products, with their own inherent history, and transform them carefully to preserve the aesthetic standard is one of the ideals of the association. “We do not need always new products if we can transform the antique ones with an amazing quality and give them a new value. We make them just visible again – with creative processes and materials like Bakelite, steel, wood, leather, brass etc.”

It’s also about the sensibility how we deal with the high-quality design products from the beginning of the 20th century - the beauty and timelessness of the objects can’t simply be forgotten.

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