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Welcome to J+A Gallery Dubai - a unique venue for modern and contemporary design and art

As lovers of the Bauhaus school and everything related to it, we decided to enrich the cultural landscape in the UAE. We established J+A Gallery as unique gallery space to exhibit what we love: modern and contemporary art and design! Our goal is to be the authentic source for modern classic design pieces such as original Bauhaus and Art Deco objects and contemporary art from well established artists and designers - a collectors heaven!

J+A Gallery is also a place for extraordinary events and an inspiration for interior designers, architects and home owners.







Klaus Mertens
Ritchie Riediger
Heike Buelau
Tor Seidel




Events and Exhibitions



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Venue and objects rental


For exclusive events or meetings, or extraordinary photoshoots, you can now rent the amazing objects from J+A Gallery! J+A Gallery is also renting its venue in Al Quoz, Dubai for corporate events, photoshoots or private festivities. Please contact us at info[et]ja-gallery.com to assist you with your project.
Among our satisfied customers are Louis Vuitton Middle East, Hatem Al Akeel, Lime&Tonic, Custard Communications, PLUG Communications, Salah Sadeq, and others.



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